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Work Begins On Increasing Video Surveillance at Denver’s Airport

Initiative will ‘increase situational awareness’ at the facility

Science Applications International Corporation has begun work on the first phase of Denver International Airport’s $4.5 million Integrated Airport Management System that will increase situational awareness at the facility by improving the video surveillance solution.
Implementing a highly-capable command and control/event management platform as the centerpiece technology of the IAMS will provide enhanced data collection and exchange, organizational connectivity and situational awareness and management across the airport’s entire spectrum of operations, says SAIC, a technology applications company located in McLean, Va.
Providing greater continuity and timely information for daily and emergency management, the IAMS will serve the needs of several key operations centers, including the Airport Communications Center, SAIC says.
As part of the three phase project, SAIC will integrate numerous disparate systems and applications into a single, advanced technology software platform for DIA. SIC is developing a solution that will provide the airport’s operation and management teams with critical and more effective information, allowing them to better respond to, mitigate, resolve, and recover from potential events, incidents and emergencies, according to the company.
SAIC plans to deploy a robust software platform, designed especially for critical infrastructure environments that will dramatically improve airport domain and situational awareness. The system has three fundamental capabilities, improved management of the video surveillance system; geospatial referencing through the integration of the geographical information system; and continuity through programmed procedures and plans.
SAIC has begun Phase I of the project, which is to develop, engineer, implement and integrate the airport’s baseline security systems, including the access control system, the video surveillance system and several other applications, the company says.
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