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Wohler Unveils ‘WST-708’ Translator Card

Growing captioning regulations and need for prompt content distribution spurred latest converter card

Wohler Technologies Inc., a producer of rack-mount audio and video monitoring systems based in San Francisco, unveiled the WST-708 card, a real-time, standards converter that enables on-the-fly conversion of WST/OP-47 to CEA-608/CEA-708 captioning standards.

The WST-708 card offers two 3G/HD/SD video channels and allows for direct bridging and transcoding of captions/encoded subtitles without the need for additional hardware or offline conversion processing, Wohler says. In addition, the WST-708 card provides transcoded data out of serial and/or Ethernet ports for logging, closed-caption file regeneration, direct connection to an ATSC encoder and use with the Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers’ Grand Alliance protocol, the company says.

The WST-708 card is also available in an openGear form factor and is available as a single- or dual-card, redundant power supply, 1RU standalone unit, Wohler says.

“Converting captions while converting video frame-rate proves to be a difficult challenge, forcing many broadcasters to entirely re-caption converted video,” and that creates “delays and additional costs,” said Renaud Desportes, Wohler’s director of ancillary data product line. “The increasing amount of captioning regulations, coupled with the need to distribute content quickly across multiple platforms and destinations, necessitates this type of solution,” he said.

Wohler’s HDCC card-based captioning products provide a full range of data insertion/extraction tools, including encoding, decoding, monitoring, bridging and transcoding, the company says. The WST-708 translator card is available now for worldwide applications by special order, Wohler says.