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Wohler Unveils Eight-Channel Audio Monitor

The company’s first “1 rack unit” (1RU) to support 3G transmissions as well as a comprehensive array of Dolby audio sources

Wohler Technologies unveiled its “AMP1-E8-MDA-3G,” the company’s first “1 rack unit” (1RU), eight-channel audio monitor to support 3G transmissions as well as a comprehensive array of Dolby audio sources, the company says in a written statement.

The AMP1-E8-MDA-3G is the latest in Wohler’s “E8 series of multiformat,” eight-channel monitors, which combine an array of features for multichannel digital and analog audio monitoring in a compact 1RU chassis.

The AMP1-E8-MDA-3G is perfectly suited for operations that require a more compact solution for high-quality, multichannel audio monitoring such as video tape recorder bays, mobile production vehicles, teleconferencing installations, multimedia systems, satellite links, cable TV facilities, and on-air radio studios, said Kim Templeman-Holmes, Wohler’s electronic vice president of global sales and marketing.

The AMP1-E8-MDA-3G is an advanced, exceptionally high-quality audio monitoring solution capable of monitoring audio from Dolby E, Dolby Digital (AC-3), Dolby Digital Plus, 3G, HD-SDI, SD-SDI, AES/EBU, and analog signal sources, said Templeman-Holmes.

The system provides embedded Dolby D, E, Digital Plus, and advanced encryption standard (AES) audio processing with metering and alternate un-decoded Dolby, AES, and analog inputs, as well as complete down mixing capabilities, according to Wohler.

The sleek design provides optimally focused sound for operators in an ultra near-field environment (one to three feet), and offers performance comparable to that of many separate monitor pairs without installation problems and awkward speaker placements, the company said. That enables a higher sound pressure level (SPL) for the operator while reducing overall ambient sound and adjacent bay crosstalk.