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 The FCC wants a centralized clearing house of government archival video and public interest content.

Here at Government Video, we’re always thinking hard about the future and the increasing role video will play in government and society in general.

Our FCC’s been thinking a lot about that too, as explained in the 376-page National Broadband Plan released last week.

Not satisfied with managing spectrum, approving media mergers and fighting four-letter words on TV, the FCC also has a vision for a “robust digital media ecosystem” and figures the government has a big role to play not just in facilitating media but also in providing content.

The FCC has a Web page on its vision for the future of media at

But even more interesting is Recommendation 15.8 of the National Broadband Plan, for a centralized clearinghouse of government archival video and public interest content, under the domain The FCC also calls on Congress to fund the site.

That’s a great idea. But it also creates a whole new battlefield in the fight for government transparency. After all, there’s plenty of video that involves sensitive security matters or is just plain embarrassing to the government. With each successive administration digging in deeper to protect secrets, it’s a safe bet that an awful lot of important public knowledge will never make it to the site.

But at least muckrakers will have one central place to look. And it could be a great resource for the public. For example, when looking for videos about potential epidemics, do you search Health and Human Services, of the Department of Homeland Security? Does skill development for veterans go under the VA, or under Labor? could be the one-stop shop.

So, looking to the future,–still just a twinkle in the FCC’s eye–the Government Video (potential) Website of the Week!

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