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Website of the Week: Resources for Air Travelers

 Complaining about air travel has just about become a national sport.

Complaining about air travel has just about become a national sport–despite the success of the TSA in moving millions of passengers onto planes safely, all with relatively few snafus and security breaches. And the TSA’s Website, which was honored as our Website of the Week a few weeks back, can teach even the crustiest traveler a few things to help speed things along, while explaining why TSA does the things it does.

But still, there will be some complaints. And so the U.S Department of Transportation unveiled a new site,, which gives the disgruntled a quick way to complaint o the feds about air service, security and safety issues, or discrimination.

The site offers a lot more. No, there doesn’t seem to be any video or cutting edge Web stuff. But like an airplane itself, the important thing is that it works, and that it works efficiently without a lot of distractions and extra things that can go wrong, right?

Still, the site has some interesting resources. In addition to the online complaint form, maybe most useful are the links to reports on airline performance–baggage handling, on-time arrivals, and passenger complaints, for example. If you had a terrible, late flight with lost baggage, you can take a look and see of or airline is among the worst offenders. (For the record, according to the most recent report, Hawaiian Airlines had the best o-time performance, with Atlantic Southeast Airlines at the bottom, among reporting airlines.)

So for its mostly thankless efforts to empower air travelers with information–while holding airlines accountable for their performance, is the Government Video Website of the Week!

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