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Website of the Week: Marine Corps Museum Goes Interactive

It's a Web version of the real National Museum of the Marine Corps located in Quantico, Va.

The museum that set the standard for America’s military museums now has a striking and user-friendly new virtual version online.

The Marine Corps Heritage Foundation last week launched the National Museum of the Marine Corps Virtual Experience, a Web version of the real National Museum of the Marine Corps located in Quantico, Va.

A welcome from the Commandant

Launch the virtual museum and you get a view of the museum’s iconic lobby, with the ability to pan all around and tilt up to the airplane high above and down to the the Marine insignia below.

From there, the virtual visitor can visit one of about a dozen major sections (such as Vietnam Gallery, World War II Gallery, Leatherneck Gallery and “Making Marines”) navigate and zoom around, clicking further for narrative text and multimedia features. Among the extras: 3D images of airplanes that allow the viewer to spin it around for views from any angle.

If that weren’t enough, there’s a resource center with videos (including personal recollections), photos a timeline and more.

“In today’s economy and with Marines deployed around the world, Marines don’t always have the opportunity to visit their National Museum,” said retired Marine Corps Lt. Gen. George R. “Ron” Christmas, president and CEO of the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation. “The Virtual Experience provides all Americans and Marines everywhere, no matter where they live, the opportunity to be connected to the [National Museum of the Marine Corps] and witness their history on display.”

Unable to visit the museum in person, Marine Corps veteran Steven Wallace of Beverly Hills, Calif., conceived the idea to create a digital version of the museum. Through funding provided by Wallace to the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation, the Virtual Experience was created by the Virginia-based Dynology Corp., allowing anyone with Internet access to experience the unique perspective of U.S. history on display at the museum.

And it’s the Government Video Website of the Week!

The new site adds to the main site of the real-life museum,, which also has an abundance of information tied to the actual museum galleries and areas. 

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