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Want a Cheap Thrill? Make It to the GV Expo Raffle

This year's raffle will give away tens of thousands of dollars in prizes.

The raffle prize winners at GV Expo 2012.

This year’s Government Video Expo, which will be held on Dec. 1-3 at the Washington, DC Convention Center, is packed with a series of fascinating talks, the buzz of the co-located National Drone Show and the annual meeting of the Federal Government Distance Learning Association.

All of that is expected to be fascinating. But if truth be told, perhaps the most fun at the GV Expo comes at the end of each exhibition day with the GV Expo Raffle.

For the past few years, the GV Expo raffle has given away tens of thousands of dollars in prizes, including cameras, lights, loudspeakers, camera prompting systems, editing software, books and even video production switchers.

This year, there will be a raffle at the end of the exhibition day on both Dec. 2 and 3. There are two things attendees need to do to participate. First, head to the NewBay Media booth to fill out a raffle form and drop it into the barrel. Second, be present and accounted for at raffle time to see if your name is drawn from the barrel. That’s it. It’s free to participate. Better than free… it’s fun!

Since the raffle is held on two consecutive days, the raffle forms filled out on Dec. 2 will be thrown out at the end of that day. So if you’re at the show both days and hope to participate in the raffle on both days, you will need to fill out a form on both Dec. 2 and Dec. 3. That’s not much to ask to get in on the raffle.

What can you expect to win? The prizes for 2015 are not all lined up yet, although several well-known companies have already donated interesting gear. Take a look at some of the raffle action from the past several years.

It’s free to walk the exhibition floor, attend keynote presentations and be entered in the raffle at the Government Video Expo 2015, which will be sharing floor space with the National Drone Show and the Federal Government Distance Learning Association. The show is open to all, whether you work in video for a government agency, are an independent film producer, or are just curious about video and audiovisual equipment.

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