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VuLink Automatically Captures Video Evidence

Product will debut at International Chiefs of Police Conference

PHILADELPHIA—Digital Ally, Inc. will introduce VuLink at the 120th Annual International Chiefs of Police Conference in Philadelphia. VuLink enables cooperative linking of the company’s in-car video systems and FirstVu HD officer-worn video system.

The Digital Ally system enables officers to simultaneously activate body cameras and in-car video systems, either automatically or manually. VuLink enables Digital Ally’s in-car video systems and FirstVu HD body cameras to work cohesively in the field and in the VuVault back-office management and reporting software. The in-car recording view gives a broad view of the incident, while the body cam shows the officer’s individual perspective.

The Pre-Event Recording feature also prevents officers from needing to record constantly without missing footage.

Also, if an officer is away from the vehicle when an incident occurs, VuLink will enable him to remotely start recordings on both systems with their FirstVu HD. When the officer returns, the recordings are uploaded into the VuVault software, which can link the body cam and in-car video evidence together in the same incident.