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VTEL Taps Vidtel’s Cloud-Based Videoconferencing

Vidtel’s service cuts ‘bridges,’ exchange services from videoconferencing

Vidtel, a provider of cloud-based videoconferencing services, has partnered with VTEL Products Corp., a videoconferencing systems manufacturer, to provide VTEL’s customers with access to Vidtel’s cloud-based videoconferencing.
Vidtel’s cloud-based MeetMe service enables videoconferencing between room-based systems, executive desktop video systems, PCs/Macs and mobiles using any combination of SIP, H.323, Skype, GoogleTalk, the company says.
Using MeetMe, users of VTEL equipment will have the ability to conduct business-grade multi-party videoconferencing without the need for “bridges” or exchange services regardless of endpoint, platform or service, Vidtel says. VTEL users will be able to conduct multi-party videoconferences spanning a variety of equipment vendors and service providers, including Cisco, Google, LifeSize, Polycom and Skype, the firm says.
Since Vidtel runs the infrastructure in the cloud, the service requires no IT expertise or additional capital expenditure beyond existing systems, and is as easy to use as an audio conferencing bridge, the company says.
“With Vidtel’s MeetMe, VTEL customers will enjoy enormous flexibility in terms of video conferencing with other organizations on SIP, H.323 and web-based standards,” says Mariette Johnson Wharton, Vidtel’s vice president of marketing. “VTEL has a long track history of innovation in video conferencing, so it is not surprising to see VTEL embrace our cloud service,” she added.