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Vivotek Debuts Four Network Cameras

IP surveillance cameras

Vivotek IP8365EH surveillance camera

Taipei, Taiwan — Vivotek recently launched four network camera models, including two professional outdoor domes, FD8355EHV and FD8365EHV, and two professional outdoor bullets, IP8355EH and IP8365EH. All are designed with the company’s WDR (wide dynamic range) technology.

Cameras with WDR are able to clearly capture detailed features whenever a subject of interest appears in locations where there is intense backlighting or when the subject is directly in front of a source of artificial illumination at night.

WDR Pro enables a camera to capture both the dark and bright parts of an image with 2 or 3 shutters, enabling two or three frames to be combined to generate a highly realistic image representative of the original scene, while WDR Pro II enables the camera to provide an increased level of visibility with the capture and combination of four separate frames.

Vivotek’s FD8355EHV and IP8355EH are both equipped with 1.3-megapixel CMOS sensors and WDR Pro II, while the FD8365EHV and IP8365EH feature 2-megapixel CMOS sensors and WDR Pro. These four cameras, incorporating additional features such as smart IR technology, are able to adjust the IR lighting intensity based on the lighting level of a scene, preventing overexposure. Moreover, by combining WDR with 3D noise reduction technology, all four cameras are able to suppress sensor noise, further reducing bandwidth consumption and enhancing image detail in extremely bright as well as dark environments.