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VITEC Adds Mobile Streaming to Optibase Streaming System

The military-grade architecture delivers standard definition and high definition IPTV content, in real time, to phones and tablets over numerous networks

VITEC, a producer of digital video solutions, has added mobile streaming capabilities to its Optibase Full Motion Video (FMV) Streaming system.

The military-grade architecture delivers standard definition and high definition IPTV content, in real time, to iOS and Android phones and tablets over 3G, HSPA+, 4G LTE, WiFi and WiMAX networks, and integrates with existing IP video environments, VITEC says.

Effective dissemination of video is rapidly becoming a must-have tool for ground troops, providing combat situational awareness in remote locations, VITEC says. But military IT and video groups are struggling to keep pace with constantly changing network bandwidth requirements and the wide range of mobile device platforms, operating systems and playback capabilities used by recipients in various sites, the firm says.

Optibase FMVMS addresses the dynamics at the core of the FMV network and at the battlefield by combining broadcast-grade video quality with dense, flexible and easy to deploy mobile delivery technology that is certified for all types of networks and data rates the company says.

FMVMS can be integrated with the widely deployed EZ TV IPTV System and FITIS Situational Awareness and ISR platform to enable rapid deployment of real-time streaming to phones and tablets, VITEC says. Offered in a blade form factor that integrates with Optibase media gateway platforms, FMVMS is designed as a video hub service or as an edge device that is positioned close to the users for optimal network utilization, it says. An integrated iPhone, iPad and Android EZ TV mobile player application offers full channel guide synchronization and user authentication for a secure, customized management solution for live streams and recorded video assets.

“Today’s mobile devices offer versatility and computational power that can revolutionize the battlefield,” said Eli Garten, VITEC’s vice president of Optibase product management. “With FMVMS, we are able to enhance our tactical situational awareness solutions and allow our customers to disseminate critical video and metadata information faster and to more recipients, even in remote locations and while on the move,” he said.