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Vision Research Releases Phantom v2640 4MPx Camera

Features HDR and low noise floor

WAYNE, N.J.—The Phantom of Vision Research isn’t a ghoul or malevolent prankster, but rather the company’s latest camera that is capable of delivering four megapixel (MPx) resolution. The Phantom v2640 features a proprietary four MPx CMOS image sensor that delivers images at 26 Gpx/s and can film up to 6,000 frames per second at full 2048×1952 resolution, and 11,750 fps at 1920×1080.

The Phantom camera offers users high dynamic range—64 dB—and a low noise floor at 7.2 e-. It also has an ISO measurement of 16,000D for monochrome cameras and 3,200D for color cameras.

There are two operating modes available with the camera. Standard mode uses correlated double sampling for its image. High-speed mode provides 34 percent higher throughput to achieve 6,000 fps, per Vision Research. Monochrome cameras can incorporate brining, which converts the v2640 to a one MPx camera that can reach 25,030 fps at full resolution.

The Phantom v2640 is available with up to 288GB of memory and is compatible with 1TB and 2TB CineMags. 10Gb Ethernet is standard for the camera as well.