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Virginia’s Governor Welcomes Police Use of UAVs

Police officers’ safety cited

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, R, welcomes the use of unmanned aerial vehicles by law enforcement agencies within the state because the drones can keep police officers safe, making the deployment of UAVs “the right thing to do.”

“If you’re keeping police officers safe, making it [law enforcement] more productive and saving money, it’s absolutely the right thing to do,” McDonnell said while a guest on Washington, D.C radio station WTOP.

However, while state law enforcement agencies are considering the latest crime fighting techniques and technologies, including UAVs, a bill enabling police agencies to acquire drones has not made it before McDonnell. In addition, if UAVs are added to Virginia police departments’ arsenals, the state has to ensure that Americans’ civil liberties, such as privacy, are maintained, he said.