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VideoFOCUS Pro Picked By Massachusetts DA Group

MDAA members will be able to conduct hands-on video forensics to secure, capture, and process evidence from video samples.

The Massachusetts District Attorneys Association (MDAA) has obtained license for VideoFOCUS Pro–produced by video forensics and image enhancement company Salient Stills—to seven of Massachusetts’ district attorneys (DA).

VideoFOCUS Pro will enable to those MDAA members to conduct hands on video forensics to secure, capture, and process evidence from video samples, according to Salient Stills.

That is why the MDAA chose VideoFOCUS Pro for its members, said Pat Alfieri, the organization’s chief information officer. More investigations and prosecutable cases have videos as part of the evidence, he said. Unfortunately, those videos can be of poor quality, hard to export from proprietary security camera systems, and combined with other video streams, making it difficult to locate, isolate and extract the most helpful sequences and stills, he added. However, by deploying VideoFOCUS Pro among our members, the DAs and their investigators can quickly process video evidence and advance investigations, arrests and prosecutions, he said.

“Video forensics is a powerful tool for law enforcement agencies, helping them identify suspects and place them at the scene of a crime, establishing a chain of events, and, ultimately, supporting successful prosecutions,” said Laura Teodosio, president and CEO of Salient Stills. “With access to the latest video forensics technology in VideoFOCUS Pro, local DAs can process video faster, freeing time for other important activities.”