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Video in the War Zone: The Current State of Military Streaming

For the armed forces, streaming is a matter of national security

Are the streaming needs of the military any different from those of the average enterprise, or even the average Netflix viewer?

That salient question launched an operation to understand the state of streaming for military deployments in various parts of the globe.

What we learned, based on interviews with various vendors that constitute supply-side streaming to various government agencies in the United States and its allies, was this: Military streaming might have several unique requirements, but at their core, these requirements— and the problems they solve—are also applicable to civilian life, from enterprise to lean-back viewing.

This article summarizes our understanding of the current state of military streaming but does not provide specific operational details. In fact, while we spoke to vendors from mobile, encoding, transcoding, and distribution companies, no one was willing to go on the record.

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Note: Tim Siglin is a contributing editor for Streaming Media magazine, and chairman of Braintrust Digital, Inc. and On Time & On Budget Production.