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VDC Upgrades Air Force’s VTRAT Simulator

New projector uses Solid State Light engine technology by VDC DS, BAE Systems, and the U.S. Air Force.

VDC Display Systems, which produces simulator displays for military, medical and industrial uses with emphasis on high-end training, has upgraded the existing display systems on simulators used to train military aircraft crews to recognize and respond to anti-aircraft threats.

VDC Display Systems installed an upgrade to the U.S. Air Force’s Visual Threat Recognition and Avoidance Trainers (VTRAT), which are used to train Air Force, Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard air crews to identify and respond to ground attacks. The upgrade utilizes VDC’s MarqueeHD SSL6200Ultra DLP(R) Projector with Solid State Light engine.

Designed like a flight trainer, the VTRAT creates views of ground threats—missiles and anti-aircraft artillery—as they would be seen through an aircraft window. The students training on the VTRAT can see the environment on a high-resolution 67-inch display system, from the perspective of a certain duty position on the aircraft. The students hear the instructional text through a headset and interact with the trainer via a voice recognition system.

VDC’s upgrade to the VTRAT includes installation of the new MarqueeHD SSL6200Ultra DLP(R) Projector with Solid State Light engine technology by VDC DS, BAE Systems, and the U.S. Air Force. The latest projectors replace older CRT type projectors currently installed in the fielded VTRAT simulators.

Features of the new projector include no consumable lamps; LED illumination; MTBF in excess of 50,000 hours; high color stability; excellent color saturation; low heat generation; low power consumption; no orientation limitations; light weight; numerous lens options; guaranteed long production life; and full dedicated product support. The controllable Infrared feature was a key option in the selection of the new projectors for “night vision training”.

The installation of the new technology projectors is “the culmination of a long period of very intensive development and testing activity,” said Art Banman, VDC Display Systems’ director of U.S. military business development. Future deliveries of the new projection systems for the Air Force are expected to continue through at least 2014.