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Vaddio Unveils ‘AutoTrak 2.0’ for the Classroom

Called the only high-definition classroom camera tracking system on the market

Vaddio, a manufacturer of specialty pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) cameras and camera control systems, unveils the AutoTrak 2.0 with SmoothTrak and AutoTilt technology for use in the classroom.

The AutoTrak 2.0 system is the only high-definition (HD) classroom camera tracking system on the market, Vaddio says. While using the AutoTrak system, an instructor wears an infrared light (IR) belt pack that emits IR light that is received by the PTZ camera, the company says.

Video is then sent from the IR PTZ camera to the “tracking camera,” Vaddio says. In addition to moving from side-to-side—known as “SmoothTrak”—the new “AutoTilt” motion follows the instructor as he or she moves closer or further away from the camera; the instructor is kept centrally framed no matter where he or she stands.

The new AutoTrakPOD allows the presenter to quickly switch between three tracking camera presets, and an additional “Rescan” button on the AutoTrakPOD, which instantly activates the IR reacquisition.

An upgrade kit is available for existing AutoTrak installs, and it includes two software upgrades, one for the AutoTrak CPU and one for the HD-18 cameras, Vaddio says. Hardware upgrades include the new EasyTALK professional-grade Wireless Audio Interface, an AutoTrak 2.0 belt pack with rechargeable lithium-ion battery and a new lanyard with an integrated unidirectional microphone, the firm says.