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Vaddio Releases WallVIEW PRO Extender

It lets the cameras deploy as far as 500 feet from their power and control units.

Users of the Vaddio Polycom EagleEye 1080 HD high definition PTZ camera have a new option that lets them deploy it as far as 500 feet away from its control and power units.

Vaddio Extender for WallVIEW PRO EagleEye 1080 HD

Vaddio’s new WallVIEW PRO EagleEye 1080 HD extender kit includes the EZCamera Interface Module (EZIM), the Quick-Connect PRO interface, the Vaddio Thin Profile EagleEye 1080 HD wall mount and EZIM HD breakout cable.

“For those projects where integrators want the [Polycom] HDX 8006 codec located in an equipment head-end away from the camera, our WallVIEW PRO system is the answer,” said Vaddio President Rob Sheeley. “In addition to extending power, video and control up to 500 feet from the camera, our solution also extends IR from the camera to the codec.”

High-speed differential signaling (HSDS) provides the WallVIEW PRO EagleEye 1080 HD with high-definition video quality over longer Cat. 5 cabling distances and the ability to adjust the signal depending on the length of cabling used, Vaddio said.

The new system includes a four-position distance adjustment for Cat. 5 cabling, Y-Gain adjustment for cable length compensation, IR forwarding, 1-RU rack mount Quick-Connect Pro interface and the small EZIM. Paired with the Polycom EagleEye 1080 HD PTZ camera provided with Polycom HDX codecs, the WallVIEW PRO 1080 HD offers an ideal solution for any videoconferencing applicatio, Vaddio said.