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Users Define The ‘Portable’ in Portable Projectors

Projectors can be carried across country, or carted from room to room.

When it comes to portable projectors, a user’s need will determines how portable a projector has to be, say projector manufactures, who add they are providing projectors that can be carried to presentations across the country, or carted from room to room.

BoxLight’s TRAVELight3


Among those that can be easily carried is NEC’s L50W. Just introduced by NEC, the L50W weighs two-pounds, yet produces 500 lumens. The “L” stands for lightweight series, said Gary Bullock, national account manager for NEC, and the L50W is a break-through product for NEC because it uses a LED lamp which provides environmentally-friendly, on-the-go users with multimedia functionality. The solid state LED light source provides a mercury-free design, and the remote control allows for one-touch source changes and complete menu control for projector settings. The L50W has a filter-free design and offers a 1GB internal memory with SD input to expand storage up to 32GB enabling users to leave their laptops at home and make presentations from a flash drive.

Casio’s XJ-A140

In addition, the LED lamp has an expected lifespan of 20,000 hours, Bullock said. “That’s an extremely longtime for a lamp. Usually they last from 2,000 to 3,000 hours,” he said. “The life of the projection system is probably longer than most users will have the projector.”

Portable projectors that weigh less than five pounds are for traveling presenters, and those users need laptops and projectors that conserve space, said Chad Harrison, the national sales manager for BoxLight. For those users, BoxLight offers the TRAVELight3 which weighs 3.2 pounds, he added. The leading feature of that projects is it is ultralight weight. The projector will fit into a laptop case, and can be taken onto an airplane as a carry on item. In addition, the unit is easy it set up; takes five seconds to get online; and is easy to tear down. But while small, the TRAVELight3 produces 2,500 lumens, which can cast “a very powerful presentation,” he said.

Christie Digital’s LHD700 3LCD


All of Sharp Electronics Corp.’s portable projectors produce at least 2,500 lumens, says Jim Wilson, regional sales manager for Sharp. All of the projectors are provided with a carrying case and all are geared for classrooms from elementary school through college, he said. Those projectors can be installed on media carts to go from room to room, but they are also portable enough to be transported on airplanes in their carrying cases, he said.

NEC’s L50W

In particular, Wilson says Sharp’s PG-D2710X weighs less than six pounds, and produces 2,700 lumens. “It is a single chip DLP engine, with a filter-free design and it provides robust colors,” he said. The PG-D2710X is used in classrooms and education facilities across the United States, and there are instances where those projectors are used all day. “They aren’t turned off until the end of the school day, but they aren’t burning up the LCD element because they are DLP technology, he said. There are school systems that are aware of the product’s longevity, so they have standardized to that model because of its durability, he added.

ProjectionDesign’s F35 AS3D

Also providing a portable projector that has a long operating life and is considered environmentally sound because it casts a projection without using mercury bulbs, is Casio’s XJ-A140, which is part of its Green Slim Series, says Christine Azzolino, who handles public affairs for the company. The unit produces 2,500 lumens and has an operating life of 20,000 hours because it is lamp free, so users do not have to buy new bulbs to replace those that burn out, she said. “The unit contains a laser and LED hybrid light force, which is capable of high-brightness projections and which maintains a clear high-quality image and reduces the operating costs,” she said.


Moving up in weight to 25 pounds is Christie Digital’s LHD700 3LCD projector, which is designed for use with media carts in conference and meeting rooms, said Andrea Sangster, Christie’s manager of marketing programs. Christie is excited about the LHD700 because it provides HD resolution in its LCD line of products, she said.

Sharp’s PG-D2710X

The LHD700 is a single-lamp, portable projector providing a brightness of 7,000 lumens, full HD resolution, 4DColor technology, and inorganic LCD panels for high contrast and vivid color presentations, Sangster said. The 4DColor technology provides a 20 percent increase in color gamut over comparable 3LCD models. “The 4D Color technology, supplies depth and it enhances the color and gives you a more life-like image,” she said. In addition, the LHD700 is easy to set up and use with motorized lenses and a variety of input connections and a suite of optional lenses ensure the projector will meet a user’s application requirements, she said.

Debuting in November is another portable project that weighs 25 pounds and is designed for use with a media cart is ProjectionDesign’s F35 AS3D, said Neal Wittering, the company’s director of marketing. ProjectionDesign produces compact, high-resolution projectors for use in conference rooms, he said. “The size of the projector becomes of value to some customers when they don’t have enough space to install big projectors, or they want to install projectors that are unobtrusive,” he said. The F35 AS3D provides 7,500 lumens, and features the latest high resolution DLP technology, updated signal processing and built-in frame-lock synchronization, making the F35 ideal for multi-channel visualization and simulation applications, the company says.