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U.S. Army Orders More Than 300 Micro Robots

Recon Scout XT are used to maximize situational awareness and standoff distance during route and compound clearing

The U.S. Army has ordered 315 Recon Scout XT micro-robot kits and an equal number of SearchStick devices from ReconRobotics Inc. in a contract valued at $4.8 million.

ReconRobotics expects to deliver the micro-robot systems by the end of October, according to Ernest Langdon, the company’s director of military programs. “The era of the personal robot has arrived for U.S. troops and, like the ballistic vest and night vision goggles, our Recon Scout XTs will save many lives,” Langdon said.

ReconRobotics is “extremely proud that the U.S. military has chosen ReconRobotics to help protect our warfighters as they conduct dismounted operations in theater,” he added.

Recon Scout XT micro-robots are deployed at the fire-team level—a robot for each four- to six-man fire team—to maximize situational awareness and standoff distance during route and compound clearing operations.

The SearchStick enables warfighters to convert any Recon Scout Throwbot into a pole camera, which warfighters can use to see over compound walls, onto rooftops and into culverts.

More than 2,000 of the company’s Recon Scout systems have been deployed by the U.S. military and allied forces and by hundreds of law enforcement agencies worldwide. Warfighters use the Recon Scout system to determine the layout of the enclosed spaces, identify potential improvised explosive devices and the fix the location of friendly, indigenous or enemy personnel.

Recon Scout XT weighs 1.2 pounds, can be deployed in 5 seconds and thrown up to 120 feet. It can be controlled with a single button and can be recharged in the field using standard 5590 or 2590 batteries.