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Univ. North Texas Purchases Panasonic Cameras

AG-DVX200 4K camcorders to be used for news, documentary and entertainment production

Shown is the Panasonic VariCam LT 4K cinema camcorder (Left) and one of the Panasonic AG-DVX200 4K handheld camcorders purchased by UNT’s Department of Media Arts.

NEWARK, NJ–The University of North Texas’ College of Arts has purchased 30 Panasonic AG-DVX200 4K handheld camcorders and one Panasonic VariCam LT 4K cinema camcorder for its Department of Media Arts.

The 30 AG-DVX200 cameras will be used for news production serving the university’s cable television station and in classes teaching topics on narrative filmmaking, news, documentary and entertainment. The Panasonic VariCam LT 4K cinema camcorder will be used for advanced narrative film classes.

“We have been steadfast fans of the cameras’ reliability and workflow,” said Eugene Martin, chair of the Department of Media Arts, who went on to explain that the school has been using Panasonic camcorders since 2009 when they employed AG-HVX200 P2 handhelds and AG-HPX500 P2 shoulder-mounts.

The reasons for the upgrade, according to Martin, came down to the fact that the HVX200s were aging out, the college was interested in 4K production and the DVX200’s were easy to use given its integrated XLR audio inputs and its ability to be used either as a handheld or on a tripod.

The DVX200s are already being used in summer film classes. During the school year, Martin envisions students will submit their work in 4K while university newscasts will continue in HD for the time being. This increase in video quality for UNT’s Media Arts Department comes with the task of grappling with the inevitable surge in data. To accommodate this, the department recently deployed a new ProMax 4K server.