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U.K. Airport Installs Analytic Tool to Stop Newark-Style Breaches

The airport is using MFlow, an automated exit lane security system using Vidient’s SmartCatch video analytics suite.

A lot of blame went around when Newark Liberty International Airport locked down following an in-through-the-out door breach in early January. Now, a system to automatically detect such violations–and even verbally order them back–on online in what the manufacturer, Vidient Systems, is describing only as a major United Kingdom airport.

The airport is using MFlow, an automated exit lane security system using Vidient’s SmartCatch video analytics suite. A second U.K. airport, Newcastle International Airport, has just purchased another such system.

The SmartCatch system is a major component of the MFlow Exit Lanes solution developed by Human Recognition Systems (HRS), a biometric and identity management consultancy and system integrator in the U.K.

Through real-time analysis of CCTV video, the MFlow solution automatically identifies people attempting to enter through the exit lane and, upon detection, immediately activates an escalating series of alerts to allow an operator to respond to the emerging threats appropriately. The passengers are initially alerted via audio message, and if the behavior continues, maximum alert will activate doors to close.

The software accurately detects violations even at times of high exit traffic flow and when the intruder is barely visible. Vidient said It also detects the people standing out side the exit lane.

“By using SmartCatch, yet another major international airport has substantially improved their security profile while increasing their efficiency as well, joining Vidient’s many airport customers including San Francisco International,” said Frank Pao, CEO of Vidient. “With this complete solution, our airport customers can rest confident that they can prevent exit lane violations that cause drastic consequences like the one that occurred recently in the U.S.”

“To meet the strict requirements for deployment at airports, we required the most accurate and reliable video analytics solution available,” said Neil Norman, CEO of HRS. “We evaluated many solutions, but the performance of SmartCatch technology from Vidient met all the requirements of the demanding airport environment and was an essential element of the MFlow Exit Lane solution, in meeting regulatory requirements.

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