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U.A.E. University Uses Haivision for ‘Lecture-Capture’ System

The end-to-end IP video system makes lectures from 90 classrooms available across the whole university

Zayed University, an institute of higher education in the United Arab Emirates, has deployed the Furnace IP video system, 91 Makito HD encoders, and 10 Stingray set-top boxes to its new lecture-capture system.

The end-to-end IP video system makes lectures from 90 classrooms available across the whole of Zayed University’s brand-new Abu Dhabi campus, says Haivision Network Video, a provider of advanced video networking, digital signage, and IP video distribution solutions.

The new lecture-capture system encodes course lectures using Haivision’s HD Makito encoders at the lowest possible latency, 55 milliseconds, the company says. The Makito is a full-featured, high-performance encoder that combines the efficiencies of H.264 video compression and the image quality of full 1080p60 HD video. Those encoded video streams are handled by the Furnace IP video system, a complete infrastructure that streams live lectures throughout the campus, while also recording, storing, and cataloging the lectures onto the university’s network for future access, Haivision says.

In addition, the Haivision IP video distribution system allows students, faculty, and staff to access the content and view the lectures either with Haivision’s InStream soft player on their desktops and laptops, or via Haivision’s Stingray STBs on televisions. Moreover, the system requires very little effort from the university’s IT staff, providing ease of use for all users from anywhere on the new state-of-the-art campus, the company says.

Once a recorded session is archived, all of its catalog references are published in HTML onto the university’s network in a simple, intuitive Web catalog, which staff and students can access at either high or low quality depending on the user’s network connection, the firm says.

“We’re excited to be a part of Zayed University’s modern, new campus project—helping bring lectures to students on such a massive scale,” said Mohammed Ghafari, Haivision’s vice president for the Middle East. “This grand project is a prime example of what Haivision can supply to the education market in the Middle Eastern region.”