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T-VIPS Unveils its ‘CP524 TS Adapter’

The CP524 has been designed for the flexible repacking and delivery of content to multiple endpoints

T-VIPS, a producer of professional video contribution and distribution solutions, is set to launch its CP524 TS Adapter that is designed to support multi-stream (any input to any output), remultiplexing, and flexible format conversion.

The CP524 has been designed to meet the requirements of operators and service providers for flexible repacking and delivery of content to multiple end points, T-VIPS says. The CP524’s filtering and remultiplexing features enable operators to save valuable bandwidth, the company adds.

“The CP524 TS Adapter provides a single-box solution that takes the pain out of remultiplexing and filtering, and mixing and matching services from multiple inputs to multiple outputs,” says Johnny Dolvik, T-VIPS’ CEO. As well as the remultiplexing functionality, T-VIPS has also included extra features such as interface conversion, advanced Internet protocol processing, redundancy, monitoring and program and system information (PSI)/system information (SI)/program and system information protocol (PSIP) handling, he said.

The variety of network infrastructures currently used in the broadcast industry has led to increasing demand for network adaption and conversion between formats and interfaces, T-VIPS says. The CP524 solves these issues, for up to four transport streams, by offering powerful network adaption between ASI, IP, SONET/SDH and SMPTE 310.

For many operators and service providers, the CP524 is the only MPEG-2 transport stream (TS) solution needed, and since it is a single unit, it reduces running costs and space requirements, Dolvik says.

In addition to providing conversion between interfaces, the CP524 provides powerful TS processing capabilities that are easy to use and configure, the company says. The CP524 is also equipped with reliability features such as hitless switching with diversity reception, service fallback and “T-VIPS embedded redundancy control” (TERC) to ensure 100 percent “uptime” even if a “severe packet” or “link loss” occurs, T-VIPS says.