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TSA Testing Radiation-Free Full-Body Scanner

And, to detect objects hidden in "difficult" hiding places, the company offers a handheld system.

A full-body scanner that shows only objects and clothing on bodies using thermal detection instead of X-rays? Iscon Video Imaging said it is introducing two new airport passenger scanners it says are less visually intrusive of passengers than millimeter-wave systems.

Iscon 1000

Iscon’s Thermal-Boosted Infrared Detection System is currently being tested by the TSA, the company said. It reveals the “thermal imprint” of any material including plastic, wood, ceramics, powder and metal.

“The Iscon system is a next generation imaging and detection system that creates a temperature differential between clothes and a hidden object,” said company founder and President Izrail Gorian. “We’ve eliminated the two most prevalent concerns about airport scanner technology–radiation exposure and privacy issues.”

The Iscon system is being introduced in two configurations. The whole body scanner portal, Iscon 1000D, is less expensive than other systems and takes up less space, the company claims. A complete scan and detection takes 30 seconds.

Then, to detect objects hidden in “difficult” hiding places, the company offers a handheld system, “GameChangeIR,” for use in conjunction with a metal detector.

“The GameChangeIR simply automates the intrusive, time consuming pat-down, which is a welcome advancement for airport security personnel as well as any passenger who has been unnecessarily subjected,” said Gorian.

It is easy to deploy and can be operated with minimal training. The company envisions its use beyond airports, at government and corporate buildings and retail establishments for example.

A plastic knife, seen with the Iscon 1000 Iscon Video Imaging is based in Woburn, Mass.

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