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Trinidad & Tobago Rolls Out Broadcast Production Truck

Caribbean country improves public information

Production truck for Government Information Services Limited in Trinidad & Tobago

GLENDALE, Calif. — TV Pro Gear has completed building a 35-foot video production truck for GISL TV4 located in Trinidad & Tobago. Built on a Gerling & Associates rivet-free box, the smooth exterior is ideal for branding and wrapping. The International chassis was special ordered for right-hand drive.

A 56-foot pneumatic mast equipped with a Vislink microwave transmitter also features an HD Sidewinder PTZ camera with a 36x zoom lens. With the mast elevated, the view is truly panoramic. The 12 kW diesel generator enables shooting in even the most remote locations. In order to raise a mast 56 feet in the air, it is crucial that the vehicle be absolutely level. A massive computer controlled hydraulic leveling system was installed to precisely level the 28,000-pound vehicle.

Because Trinidad experiences approximately 40 inches of rain annually, electric awnings extend out 12 feet. Computer controlled, the awnings automatically retract if wind exceeds a pre-determined velocity. Massive dual HVAC units were installed with a plenum ceiling to deal with the hot humid weather found in the tropics.

The truck is equipped for both concerts, news and sports production. It features:

  • Ikegami HDK55 Cameras on SMPTE Lemo Fiber
  • Panasonic AW-HE120 PTZ robotic cameras
  • For-A HVS390 switcher with two mix/effects banks
  • Black Magic Hyperdeck SSD recorders
  • Newtek 3Play425 six-channel Instant Replay
  • Chyron Dual Channel Lex3 Title/Graphics Generator
  • Clear-Com wired and wireless Intercom (six-channels)
  • Tektronix 8000 Sync and Test Signal Generator with GPS
  • Midas 40-channel digital audio mixer

In the past, video trucks required a dedicated “machine room” to house the switcher, recorders, routers, title generator and replay system. However, due to the continuing process of miniaturization, equipment is getting smaller and smaller. Because of this, TV Pro Gear was able to install all the equipment in half-racks underneath the operator consoles. The consoles are on stainless steel roller-bearings tracks that easily pull out from the wall for installation and service. By doing this, TV Pro Gear has achieved that same effective working area in a 35-foot truck that previously was only available with a 40+ foot truck. This savings in overall length was critical because the roads in Trinidad cannot accommodate 40-foot trucks.

Government Information Services Limited (GISL) was established in 2006 as a state owned limited liability company to provide greater flexibility and transparency in communicating government information in a real-time information environment. GISL is the principle agent for the efficient management and dissemination of relevant and trusted government information; it provides marketing and communications consultancy services to Government Ministries and Agencies and implements and facilitates media production and broadcasting.