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Trinidad and Tobago Updates Legislature Systems

Automated recording and transcription workflows

MONTREAL — The Parliament of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago has selected Sliq Media Technologies‘ Harmony Suite to automatically record, transcribe and stream parliamentary proceedings, minimizing labor costs and workflow errors associated with legacy transcription processes.

The Sliq solution transitions the Parliament to an automated workflow that reduces the time required to create official public records. The automated workflow will streamline the legislature’s existing process, reducing the its reliance on traditional stenography for transcriptions.

The upgrade will also add cross-platform streaming capabilities for the first time, broadening the delivery of legislative content across multiple consumer devices, including web and mobile targets. Collectively, the marriage of Hansard workflow and cross-platform webcasting delivers a unified service to the public that to date has not existed for the Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago.

“The use of stenography technology in government meetings continues to diminish as more efficient tools become available to create public records,” said Sanjiv Menezes, president, Sliq Media Technologies.

The Sliq Harmony Suite has cross-workflow indexing tools that deliver relevant information from parliamentary proceedings, alongside video and audio streams. While Sliq’s Razorback multichannel encoders capture HD-quality video and pristine audio streams, Harmony’s time-stamped indexing tools ensure that content associated with parliamentary proceedings is uniformly presented alongside webcasts. This guarantees that all relevant legislative content, including speakers and orders of the day, is made available to constituents in one place, with simple access to specific points of interest.

The agreement includes video support at two venues and single-track audio support at three venues. Sliq Hawkeye tools will provide monitoring of all video and audio levels across the workflow, helping staff centrally monitor performance parameters for quality assurance—and quickly react to rare troubleshooting issues via diagnostics and alerting tools.