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Tornado-Relief Fundraising by Noncommercial Stations OK’d

FCC lists information stations need to supply for waiver to solicit funds

The Federal Communications Commission has approved fundraising activities by noncommercial educational television and radio stations in support of relief efforts for the devastation caused by the May 20 tornado in and around Moore, Okla.
NCE stations that wish to solicit funds from viewers or listeners for relief efforts may file an informal request with the FCC for a waiver to do so, the commission says. Noncommercial educational television and radio stations that want a waiver need to submit an electronic mail request to Barbara Kreisman ( if the request involves a television station, or to Peter Doyle ( or Michael Wagner ( if the request involves a radio station, the FCC says.
Such waiver requests need to provide the basic details of the fundraising activity and other information. That information is:

  • The nature of the fundraising effort.
  • The proposed duration of the fundraising effort.
  • The organization(s) to which the funds will be donated.
  • Whether the fundraiser will be part of the licensee’s regularly scheduled pledge drive or a separate fundraising effort.

For additional information, click here to access the FCC’s website, or e-mail the television or radio contacts provided.