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Tightrope’s Cablecast Platform Offers Streaming Solution to HCTV

Cablecast gear helping with streaming, scheduling, automation and playout

MINNEAPOLIS—Massachusetts-based Holden Community Television had made the effort to boost its streaming capabilities recently and found Tightrope Media Systems’ Cablecast Community Media Platform as an effective solution. HCTV installed the Cablecast system in April of 2017.

Among some of the issues that HCTV was dealing with prior to the Cablecast installation were interruptions or failing of streams and the ability to only create one stream at a time. HCTV purchased the Cablecast software and a Cablecast Flex 4 video server for scheduling, automation and playout, as well as two Cablecast Live servers and a Cablecast Pro VOD system to create live streams and on-demand clips for online and mobile viewing. In addition, the cloud-based Cablecast Reflect service delivers HCTV live streams and VOD clips to a reported unlimited number of viewers, while the Carousel Digital Signage system powers HCTV’s three community bulletin boards.

HCTV also has said that the Cablecast system has simplified and automated that station’s online publishing workflow. Improvements in creating and publishing the station’s program schedules have also been a reported benefit, according to HCTV’s Public Access Director Jay Brunetta. Additional product features that HCTV has gained include Cablecast Flex server’s flexible codec support, Carousel’s dynamic external data integration and Cablecast’s platform-independent remote accessibility.