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Tightrope Upgrades PEG Station’s Playout Infrastructure

Fresno’s Community Media Access Collaborative bolsters online and television picture quality to HD

FRESNO, CALIFORNIA–Tightrope Media Systems, a St. Paul, Minn.-based provider of web-centric digital signage and broadcast automation systems,has upgraded the playout infrastructure for Community Media Access Collaborative, a Fresno, Calif.-based PEG channel. The upgrade comes in anticipation of the channel’s move to HD.

“While our channels on Comcast and AT&T can currently be distributed only in standard definition, we wanted our entire master control environment to be fully HD-ready,” says Bryan Harley, facilities and operations manager at CMAC.

Making all this possible is Tightrope Media System’s Cablecast Flex 4 multi-format video server and its Cablecast broadcast automation software.

Harley noted that with the Cablecast Flex 4, CMAC can avoid having to need two separate video servers for three channels of playout–a problem they previously ran into when considering an upgrade to HD.

The Tightrope systems together also upgrade CMAC’s live and on-demand internet streams to HD. Integrated into the Tightrope servers is Cablecast Reflect, a cloud-based service for delivering HD streams to viewers.

Harley says the most exciting aspect of the Cablecast broadcast automation software is its ability to create chapter marks to help viewers jump to the exact sections of archived video clips. “This can improve their online experience for a variety of types of on-demand content, from government meetings and educational sessions to sports,” he said.

With the new infrastructure in place, CMAC is now waiting for its cable and telecom operators to deliver its television signal in HD.