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Tightrope Servers Enhance PEG Station’s Playout Quality

DNR Laboratories installed a variety of server types to deliver HD video for both web and cable channels

LMC-TV Staff Left to Right pictured at the Tightrope Cablecast/Carousel headend: COO Matt Sullivan, Latimer-Mosley, Aluisa and Sports Program Manager Rob Moretti

MAMARONECK, NY– Larchmont-Mamaroneck Community Television is reaping the benefits from three newly installed Tightrope Media Systems video servers.

Watertown, Connecticut-based systems integrator DNR Laboratories supplied the PEG station with Cablecast SX2HD and Cablecast SXHD LE multi-format video servers for HD playout to its three channels and a Cablecast Live streaming server for its online presence.

LMC-TV’s Sharon Latimer-Mosley Reviewing a Bulletin in the Tightrope Carousel system.

The new Tightrope servers will contribute to the nearly annual 1,000 hours of local content generated by LMC-TV, which includes municipal government coverage, an education channel for the local school system and local public access–programming.

With LMC-TV’s cable channels limited to standard-definition video, offering live, HD streams for its website is crucial to connect with their viewership, says Matt Sullivan, chief operating officer at LMC-TV. Accompanying the Cablecast Live streaming server is Cablecast Reflect, a cloud-based HD bandwidth delivery service.

The new Cablecast servers integrate easily into LMC-TV’s existing Tightrope Cablecast automation and playout systems. Sullivan also noted the Cablecast server’s ability to take in any file type whether it comes from the studio or an offsite producer.

“It’s definitely made everyone at LMC-TV’s life easier, and at the same time enabled us to provide our viewers with a significantly better online experience in HD,” he said.