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Thomson Encoders, Decoders Picked For Bangladeshi News Channel

The channel is a technical collaboration with Indian media company NDTV, and Dhaka-based Independent TV, part of Bangladesh's largest private sector conglomerate.

Bangladeshi national broadcaster Independent TV has chosen Thomson Video Networks’ ViBE encoding and decoding technology for a new 24-hour news channel Independent plans to launch in 2011, according to Thomson.

The new news channel is a technical collaboration with Indian media company NDTV, and Dhaka-based Independent TV, part of Bangladesh’s largest private sector conglomerate, Thomson says in a written statement.

Independent TV plans to install 12 ViBE EM2000 SD encoders and 14 ViBE RD5000 decoders which are to be used to create a new contribution network between Independent TV’s bureau offices, DSNG and flyaway units, Thomson says. “We are pleased to have the outstanding quality of Thomson Video Networks encoders and decoders as the cornerstone of our news infrastructure,” said Anowarul Azim, Independent TV ‘s head of technology. “The ViBE range delivers exceptional pictures with highly efficient compression.”

The ViBE encoder range combines compression efficiency features with advanced preprocessing techniques to deliver clearer pictures with increased depth and clarity, Thomson says. The encoder line can be configured either as single-channel or multichannel units to offer the advantage of both a reduced footprint and lower power consumption per channel. Each channel can be independently configured for MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 encoding, extending the possibilities for hybrid applications. Both encoders use Dolby Digital and AAC audio compression formats and support up to eight stereo pairs of audio, the firm says.

The Thomson Video Networks RD5000 is a multiformat modular receiver/decoder supporting MPEG-2/4 SD and HD 4:2:0 formats, Thomson says. Featuring a compact, customizable modular chassis with up to eight I/O modules including RF inputs (DVB-S/S2, COFDM, QAM, 8VSB), ASI input/output, IP inputs/outputs, and decoded audio/video outputs (HD/SD SDI, AES, analog), the Thomson RD5000 is easy to upgrade in the field. Supporting multiservice descrambling (BISS and Dual DVB-CI CAM), the Thomson RD5000 is the ideal solution to receive live feeds via RF, ASI, or IP and to deliver a demodulated/decoded signal for local processing and re-encoding.

“Independent TV and its partner NDTV have been uncompromising in their creation of a new 24-hour news service for Bangladesh,” said Christophe Delahousse, Thomson Video Networks’ president. “Independent TV’s choice of ViBE technology will allow viewers throughout the country to benefit from world-class image quality when they watch the channel.”