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Thinklogical Tapped for Navy’s Unmanned Surveillance Aircraft

The company's VelocityKVM and VX router systems will provide seamless interaction between flight control and sensory data.

Northrop Grumman has contracted Thinklogical—a manufacturers of high performance fiber optic KVM solutions—to provide key infrastructure systems for use in the U.S. Navy’s “broad area maritime surveillance” (BAMS) unmanned aircraft system.

Under the contract, the Thinklogical is to supply its VelocityKVM and VX Router System (the highest bandwidth system in deployment) to provide seamless interaction between flight control and sensory data. The BAMS program is designed to support a variety of all-weather maritime intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions.

Thinklogical’s fibre optic extension and routing systems is expected to enable the BAMS mission control system to centralize critical computing resources and allocate them as needed to the BAMS operator stations.

“Our involvement in BAMS highlights Thinklogical’s ability to provide high performance and secure extension and routing systems for critical military programs,” said Dana Rasmussen, Thinklogical’s chief operations officer. “By working closely with Northrop Grumman, we’re able to extend our solutions across a wide spectrum of government and military customer applications.”