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thePlatform Unveils Video Uploading, Storage, Distribution Service

More organizations are using video to communicate with their customers, employees and stakeholders

thePlatform, an online video management company, launches its mpx Essentials service which enables organizations to upload, store and distribute videos to their websites, other sites, mobile phones, tablets and other devices.

mpx Essentials provides any mid-sized agency with access to a specialized version of the same cloud-based platform used by many of the largest professional media and television companies in the world, thePlatform says. How that is achieved is mpx Essentials provides a simple Web-based console for managing video, highly customizable video players, optimized video playlists to increase video views and enterprise-grade reliability.

“With mpx Essentials, we’re making our premium video platform broadly available for the first time,” said Ian Blaine, thePlatform’s CEO. “More organizations are using video to communicate with their customers, employees and stakeholders, and their needs are rapidly evolving,” he said. With mpx Essentials users have access to “an easy, affordable and reliable system, trusted by many of the most prominent media companies in the world,” he said.

In addition, International Data Corp., a telecommunications market research firm, says online video is no longer just the purview of television and entertainment companies, although media and entertainment companies certainly account for a large percentage of the revenue in the online video platform market.

“We see a tremendous and rapidly growing opportunity among organizations and agencies of all kinds that want use video to communicate with their key constituencies and build customer loyalty and engagement,” said Melissa Webster, IDC’s program vice president, content and digital media technologies. “thePlatform’s launch of its new self-service offering is designed to address this opportunity.”