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Texas School District Picks Encapsulon Video System

The district wanted to improve safety while ensuring ease of use.

A Texas school district has selected Wren’s, a provider of physical security solutions to educational facilities, Encapsulon Video solution to upgrade its video surveillance system, the company says.

The Water Valley Independent School District, located in Water Valley, Texas, selected Encapsulon Video to replace the low-end system—cameras attached to a video cassette recorder—it had been using with a “simple, streamlined, scalable IP video surveillance” system, says Wren in a written statement. In addition, the school district picked Encapsulon Video on the recommendation of the district’s director of information technology, James Ditmore.

The district needs a video system that will improve school security, said Ditmore, who added they also need a system that is easy to use by administrators and other staff whenever they needed it, and not just during an emergency; provides easy Internet protocol (IP) access; and allows the school to grow its video network across the entire school district.

“The purpose-built appliances (of Encapsulon Video) made upgrading our video surveillance system to IP an easy plug-and-play process and we can add cameras on demand, as budget funds become available,” Ditmore said. “It’s a very practical solution that will accommodate our needs for the long-term, and even allow us to integrate IP access control with our video in the future, should we decide to do so.”

Encapsulon Video is the video application of the Encapsulon Physical Security Suite that offers simplicity and cost-effectiveness, says Wren. Features of the system include:

  • Plug-and-play video functionality that includes out-of-the-box software and purpose-built appliances that integrate with most IT networks, requiring minimal IT resources and training.
  • A web-based application that delivers convenient user access without the need for IT-intensive management of software on individual computers; the software offers access to unlimited users, encouraging widespread use of video in areas beyond security such as operations, risk management and customer service.
  • Provides an accommodation with existing analog and new IP cameras, making the most of legacy equipment, while also providing a platform for future technologies.