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Tennessee University Students Use Canon Lenses, Camcorders

Broadcast-quality equipment provides students with hands-on HDTV production experience

At Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) students learn to create broadcast-quality programming with a hands-on approach, including using Canon’s high-definition (HD) portable electronic-news gathering and electronic-field production lenses and professional file-based HD camcorders.
MTSU has launched a 40-foot, $1.7 million mobile HD production vehicle that is used by the student-run Electronic Media Communications News’ to cover sports and events for local broadcast and cable stations and a national cable network, the school says. Separately, class shoots provide training for academic credit.
Central to the students’ work are the HD portable lenses, as well as MTSU’s selection of integrated file-based HD camcorders. MTSU chose 2/3-inch portable lenses that include two Canon HJ18ex28B portable HD super-telephoto EFP lenses (with 2x extenders), five Canon KJ17ex7.7B portable HD ENG lenses, one Canon KJ10ex4.5B portable HD wide-angle ENG lens, and two Canon XF305 professional file-based HD camcorders.
“We love our Canon lenses for sports,” says Marc Parrish, MTSU director of technical systems said.
Canon’s HJ18ex28B portable HD super-telephoto lens is designed for video capture over a long range of focal lengths using portable HD EFP cameras with 2/3-inch imagers, the company says. The HJ18ex28B delivers a focal-length range of 28 millimeters to 500 millimeters (up to 1000 millimeters with the 2X built-in extender), and has an optical speed of f/2.8 up to a focal length of 286 millimeters.
Canon says the HJ18ex28B offers the longest focal length of any lens in its class, but weighs less than 6 pounds and requires no mechanical support system to mount to an HD camera. “We also have the Canon enhanced digital servo zoom controllers on our two HJ18ex28B lenses, and we love the focus on them,” Parrish added.
MTSU’s five compact Canon KJ17ex7.7B portable HD ENG lenses have proven to be flexible performers, the company says. A second-generation Canon HDgc category 2/3-inch portable HD lens, the KJ17ex7.7B portable HD lens features new optical coatings that reduce flare, enhance contrast and also minimizes ghosting artifacts, the firm says.