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Telestream Unveils New Software for ScreenFlow

Version 3.0 adds Mac OS X Lion features plus numerous creativity tools, including freehand callouts and video annotations.

Telestream, a provider of digital media tools and workflow solutions, unveils new features for its award-winning ScreenFlow screencasting software for Mac computers.

ScreenFlow 3.0 adds Mac OS X Lion features plus numerous creativity tools, including freehand callouts and video annotations, which allow users to emphasize and embellish portions of their screencasts. Extensive new timeline features combined with audio and export improvements increase the ease with which it takes to create professional-looking screen recordings for the web, the company said.

Telestream is “committed to continuing the innovation of our award-winning ScreenFlow products with this release,” said Barbara DeHart, the company’s vice president of marketing. “ScreenFlow 3.0 allows software developers, trainers, educators, and bloggers to quickly and efficiently capture, edit and create amazing video tutorials, promos, and training videos that enhance the learning experience and online product demonstrations,” she adds.

Improved timeline features enable greater efficiency and give users more control over the editing process, Telestream says. Timeline enhancements include the ability to easily reorder, resize, and remove tracks, as well as add space and close gaps in tracks, which saves time and steps, the company says. The ability to group and ungroup clips makes is easier to organize media for larger, more complex projects.

Digital Dazzle LLC, a producer of videos, says ScreenFlow 3 provides it with huge productivity improvements, said Veit Irtenkauf, the company’s CEO and co-founder. Previously Digital Dazzle had to use third-party tools to highlight specific regions of the screen, blur sensitive information and draw freehand video annotations, but with ScreenFlow 3 they now do those functions directly inside the video editor, Irtenkauf said. That speeds the video editing workflow and increases the turn around time for customer change-requests, he said.