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Telestream Combines Tektronix Video Tech Into Products

Tektronix’s video test, monitoring and quality assurance technology added to Telestream’s product portfolio.

WESTWOOD, Mass.—The combination of Telestream and Tektronix technology for an expanded range of offerings for customers is now complete, according to Telestream. Video test, monitoring and quality assurance technology from Tektronix is now able to be combined with Telestream gear for broadcast and digital media markets.

Charlie Dunn, president of Tektronix Video Business Unit, and Telestream CEO Scott Puopolo

Telestream says that the goal of this combination is to “continue to invest in and market its entire integrated product portfolio, focusing each technology on customer applications they are best suited to.”

Some examples of the two companies’ work include the integration of Telestream’s iVMS ASM management system across all of its relevant video monitoring product portfolio, including Tektronix Sentry probes. The iVMS system allows operators to correlate all the alarms within a network in a single management platform.

Another example is Tektronix’s waveform monitoring portfolio and Aurora file-based quality control capabilities aligning with the Telestream quality management story.

Telestream is also exploring how to implement Tektronix’s Digital Rights Management assets within the Telestream iQ product range.