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Teknisult Produces School Bus Video System

CrossSafe records vehicles passing school buses with their “stop” signs extended. The video can be used to prosecute such offenders.

Teknisult Enterprises Ltd., which provides technical consulting, has unveiled “CrossSafe,” a video system for school buses that records vehicles passing school buses that are stopped and have their “stop” signs extended. The video can be used to prosecute such offenders.

The video recorded by the CrossSafe system can be used to process a citation for passing a stopped school bus when the stop sign is extended, according to Maurice Gregoire, Teknisult’s president and CEO.

CrossSafe technology uses patent-pending high-resolution cameras and a patent-pending dual digital video recording (DVR) system to produce both tickets and court-quality license plate images, Gregoire says. The CrossSafe program handles every aspect of the citation process, from recording the license plate number, to processing the violation, to sending a ticket to the driver, he adds.

While photo enforcement systems are widely used throughout North America, and have successfully reduced accident and fatality rates, the CrossSafe system is the first product of its kind available in North America, and effectively addresses a prominent child-safety concern, Gregoire said. Through extensive live pilot tests, Teknisult has found that the CrossSafe video system would similarly reduce stop sign running and potential collisions. In addition, the fully-automated system allows school bus drivers to focus solely on their passengers’ safety and are not distracted by writing down the license plate number of every vehicle that fails to stop in jurisdictions where bus operators are required to do so.

Teknisult’s CrossSafe technology operates exclusively on bus power and—to preserve privacy and to speed up processing—records only when the bus’ stop sign has been extended. An additional feature allows the system’s cameras to focus on several different lanes at once, which is ideal in urban settings or on multiple lane roads. Additionally, the CrossSafe DVR also includes an “on-bus” system that provides student and driver surveillance.