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Tecom Launches ‘TecPodium’ Interactive Lectern

Podium’s control panel directs all integrated audiovisual equipment

Tecom Electronics Ltd. unveiled the TecPodium TPI-12W interactive lectern, an all-in-one podium providing multi-touch screen capabilities via a single control panel that directs all integrated audiovisual equipment.
The TecPodium has a built-in optical, multiuser touch-screen system that employs sta

te-of-the-art technology to achieve high resolution, high brightness, fast and accurate response with no calibration requirements, Tecom says.
In addition, TecPodium’s multi-touch screen provides tools for the modern classroom and training environments, enabling presenters to use common-touch gestures such as swipe, tap, slide, scroll and zoom on the podium screen, Tecom says. The touch screen also fully supports Microsoft Windows 8 and Microsoft Office 2013 inking features, allowing direct, on-the-fly annotation capabilities, the company says.
There has been a dramatic growth in the use of smartphones and tablet applications in the educational environment during the past couple of years, says Aviv Brosilovski, Tecom CEO. “Faculty wants to keep up with the trend and bridge over the ‘generation gap’ with their younger students,” he adds.
The simple approach to achieving that is to adopt the multi-touch screen — commonly used in smartphones — into teaching stations, Brosilovski says. By doing so, presenters no longer have to undergo extensive training on racks full of amplifiers, controls and switches, enabling them to focus on their messages, not the technology. “The new TecPodium now meets all presenters’ needs with the latest technology approach,” he says.
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