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TechLogix Introduces Automated Controller

Compact device for meeting rooms replaces complicated control systems

MADISON, WI–TechLogix has introduced a compact automated control system for classroom and meeting room settings.

The TL-INCT-0 is an inline controller that picks up any HDMI activity in the room and outputs control command to connected devices through built-in CEC, RS232 & relay controllers. Commands can be customized and the included HDMI port, RS232 port and dual logic relay ports can all be simultaneously used. For more versatility, the TL-INCT-01 features analog and digital audio de-embedding.

“Everything from powering on hardwired sources to connecting portable BYOD tablets, laptops and phones. Automated processors like the TL-INCT-01 are transforming meeting spaces by controlling devices without manual user intervention. Simply activate your source device and the room comes alive,” explains Cameron Smith, TechLogix CEO.

For more information, visit TechLogix’s website.