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Tampa Seeks Surveillance System

The city is seeking bids for a surveillance system to be operational in time for the Republican National Convention.

The city of Tampa Bay is seeking bids for a surveillance system of about 60 cameras that need to be operational in the downtown section of the city by July 2012 because less than two months later it is the location of the Republican National Convention.

The deadline for bids is Jan. 18, 2012 and the winning vendor has to have the cameras deployed by July 1, according to Tampa officials.

The Republican convention is scheduled for Aug. 27-30 at the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa, and up to 15,000 demonstrators are expected to converge at the facility, officials say. Surveillance systems have been instrumental to the safety and the security of events at the forum.

In addition to cameras, Tampa is seeking a video management system that can recognize normal and abnormal behavior without the need for human interaction, and quickly alert officials of such behavior.

The system should also be able to track at least 300 moving objects within a single frame, monitor video feeds from at least 25 cameras simultaneously and give remote access to up to 150 users, according to Tampa officials.

Interested parties should contact Tampa’s Purchasing Department for details on the request for proposals for the “Downtown Tampa Wireless Closed Circuit Television System.”