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Symetrix DSPs Used To Control Illinois Dam’s Locks

The DSP was originally planned to control the Dam’s paging system

Fox River, McHenry Dam, Illinois

MCHENRY, IL–It seems there is an alternative use for Symetrix’s Radius DSP. The Skokie, IL-based integrator Sound, Production & Lighting originally planned to install the Radius DSP with Dante for a new paging system with speakers and mics in three locations of the McHenry Dam in Illinois.

But once it was known that the McHenry Dam operators needed a new way to control the locks–a project which was on hold at the time due to budget issues–SPL came up with a cheaper and quicker alternative. By installing two additional I/O boxes, SPL was able to tie in the trigger mechanism used to control the dam’s lock into one of the Radius DSP’s inputs. So now with one solution, McHenry Dam operators can control communications between the dam’s control and two other locations, as well the locks themselves.

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