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Steelbox Introduces IP Video Management System

System manages the bandwidth for, and access to, growing amounts of digital video data across Internet Protocol (IP)-based networks.

Steelbox introduces its expanded video management solution which manages the bandwidth for, and access to, growing amounts of digital video data across Internet Protocol (IP)-based networks.

The Steelbox solution consists of SteelVision, a flexible and user-friendly video management system; SteelSwitch, an appliance built specifically for aggregating and distributing digital video among potentially thousands of endpoints; SteelVault, an intelligent video storage system; and the SteelEdge codec series.

“The performance security professionals expect from their digital surveillance networks is limited by conventional video management technology; that problem only gets worse as IP camera use grows,” said Nik Moissiadis, president of the Steelbox division of Adtech. “The Steelbox solution gets beyond those limits and opens up previously unavailable options for designing, implementing and ultimately benefiting from digital video networks,” he said.

The Steelbox solution is both streamlined and powerful, giving security and IT professionals alike the tools they require for managing bandwidth for and providing access to digital video on IP networks more effectively, the company says.

The SteelSwitch network media appliance was built specifically to manage bandwidth-chewing digital video while also addressing video access issues, the company says. The appliance has the capacity—up to 1.5 Gb/s of incoming data and another 3 Gb/s of outgoing data—necessary to collect and distribute the growing numbers and variety of IP, megapixel and HD video streams that are increasingly common on digital surveillance networks of all sizes, Steelbox says.

The Steelbox solution also solves a variety of network design challenges because of its ability to translate among network transport protocols and video formats, the company says. The solution ensures that security professionals can make IP video available to responders and applications whenever, however and wherever they need it. The SteelSwitch can distribute one to hundreds of video streams, to one end-point or however many are needed—without expensive multicast network routers and switches required to transport them from their primary sources, the company says.

Nicholls State University in Thibodeaux, La., is already using the Steelbox Solution to manage approximately 300 cameras, according to Slade Besson, assistant director, University Computer Services. Using that system enables Nicholls to operate its surveillance network treating the IP cameras like the intelligent computers they essentially are, and the university “can do that with one appliance instead of putting multiple video servers all over the network,” he said.