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Special Report: Collaborative Storage Solutions

A commentary by Jon Toig, CEO of Togio Partners International

The Need For Constant Collaboration

In the face of an ever-growing volume of unstructured data files and objects, finding and accessing a file – let alone all the information you need for a project, to support a critical business workflow such as analytics reports, or to simply support the right business decision – has become an incredibly daunting task. Organizations are looking for an effective way to overcome the storage sprawl and the data silos that have cropped up around proprietary vendor technologies. Businesses want to streamline access to the right data at the right time with the right workflow, regardless of the location of the data itself.

Deceptively simple operations like “search” need to be bolstered to operate efficiently within this new world, where highly diversified and often incompatible file and object systems have now taken hold within the same organization. Operating systems, hypervisors, applications, and even storage arrays have their own file and object storage systems, as well as a diversity of protocols for accessing data in each repository. Some users (and workloads) prefer to use a hierarchical file system construct – file folders and files in a “tree” – to locate and retrieve files, while others prefer to use browser functionality and file metadata or search engine tags.

Whichever way you slice it, there’s no consistency and just finding the right data has become a serious problem, and that’s not good because the inability to find and efficiently share data is what sabotages collaboration – the key to leveraging your business data.

Data Management for Search, Mobility and Orchestration

StrongLINK™, a cognitive data management platform for search, mobility and orchestration, addresses the challenges of file/object systems and access protocol diversity head on. StrongLINK actively discovers files and objects as they are created, placing locational information and metadata into a global namespace. It captures data asset characteristics and locations, regardless of where your files are stored (in-house or in the cloud) and the technology used to host the data itself. Search and collaboration are simplified by presenting global namespace data in whatever form the application or end user prefers: hierarchical file tree or web-style, browser-friendly listing.

Best of all, data ingestion is transparent to the workload or application generating and using the data, so latency is not an issue.

StrongLINK works across all common use cases. Whether your data is stored on a network-attached storage device, in an LTFS tape archive, in a SAN or All-Flash Array, or in the cloud, it can be included in the StrongLINK global namespace so you can find it whenever you need it using your preferred search methods.

A Safer, Holistic Approach To Data Management

And, since everyone is concerned about the security of their information these days, StrongLINK provides a secure collaboration capability that restricts data access to only users or workloads that have been certified and authenticated for access. Data protection capabilities also ensure that file and object updates are carefully versioned and controlled.

With StrongLINK, you don’t need multiple tools for multiple information silos at multiple locations because search, access and collaboration are a uniform and streamlined operation.

Whether your organization is exploring the Internet of Things, mobile commerce, or big data analytics, or you’ve simply amassed a huge amount of unstructured data that needs to be cost-effectively managed and stored, StrongLINK is the solution you’ve been seeking.