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‘Space to Ground’ Brings International Space Station Down to Earth

A new weekly video update from the Space Station puts us in orbit.

An astronaut on the Space Station “weighs” himself in a special apparatus.

Now that Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield has returned to Earth and stopped his popular YouTube feeds from the International Space Station, NASA is picking up the slack with a new YouTube series called “Space to Ground.” In these short weekly updates, Josh Byerly reports on the orbital activities.

In the first video (which you can see in the window below), we learn that a Russian cargo ship just arrived with supplies, and an Orbital Sciences resupply mission will launch in about a week with even more supplies. If you’ve ever wondered how an astronaut’s weight is measured in space, there’s a segment to explain that as well.

“Space to Ground” is short, moves quickly, and shows science in a fun, easy to digest way. New episodes will be available every Friday on the ReelNASA YouTube channel.