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Sonnet Upgrades ‘Tempo’ SSD Cards

The update enables users to ‘boot’ from a Mac Pro

Sonnet Technologies, a computer hardware upgrade company, has upgraded its “Tempo Solid-State Drivers” and “Tempo SSD Pro” 6 Gbps serial advanced technology attachment peripheral component interconnect Express 2.5-inch SSD cards to support “booting in” Mac Pro computers (early 2008 and newer).
The update enables users to “boot from a Mac Pro even in a redundant array of independent disks configuration with two solid-state drives,” Sonnet says. Booting is also supported for Windows 7 and 8 computers, as well as Server 2008 and 2012 (although not from a RAID drive), the company says.
With the Tempo SSD and Tempo SSD Pro, users can acquire up to two SSDs separately and mount them on PCIe cards, but unlike other PCIe SSD cards, the Tempo SSD Pro and Tempo SSD utilize widely available 2.5-inch serial advanced technology attachment SSDs (sold separately), Sonnet says. That provides users with flexibility in selecting the SSD capacity and performance that best suit their needs and budget, as well as the option to upgrade as required, the company says.
With the ability to boot from attached SSDs, Mac Pro users can now extract the best performance possible from their systems with significantly faster operation, Sonnet says. Delivering performance that cannot be matched by spinning-disk drives, SSDs have become important components in systems requiring extremely fast data transfer speeds and large numbers of input/output operations, the company says.
Rather than relying on proprietary SSD modules, Sonnet chose to support standard 2.5-inch SATA SSDs to enable users to have access to the most common SSD form factor, which is generally available at better prices than proprietary SSD modules, Sonnet says. The Sonnet Tempo 6 Gbps SATA cards offer twice the bandwidth of the Mac Pro’s native 3 Gbps SATA bus for superior performance.
The Tempo SSD card uses a high-performance 6 Gbps SATA controller and a PCIe 2.0 interface that features a unique modular design that supports a single SSD with the card at half-length, or two SSDs with an included bracket that extends the card to full length. The Tempo SSD supports sustained read speeds of up to 500 MBps from a single SSD or up to 660 MBps from two SSDs configured as a RAID 0 set.
The Tempo SSD Pro card can mount two SSDs in a full-length PCIe slot, such as those in the Mac Pro. The Tempo SSD Pro features a higher-performance 6 Gbps SATA SSD controller that supports sustained read speeds of up to 960 MBps from two SSDs configured as a Mac Pro-bootable RAID 0 set.