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Sonnet Unveils ‘Fusion R400s RAID’

Unit uses four SATA drives available up to four terabytes each

Sonnet Technologies, a provider of storage systems, media readers and expansion products, has released the Fusion R400S “redundant array of disks,” a 1 unit rackmount, four-drive hardware RAID five-storage system with an external serial advanced technology attachment interface.
Available in eight terabyte, 12 terabyte and 16 terabyte configurations, the storage system utilizes an internal RAID controller that supports RAID levels zero, five and 10, as well as “just a bunch of disks” and clone modes, offering drive configuration flexibility, Sonnet says.
Configurations include maximum capacity (RAID zero), data protection with optimum performance (RAID five), most concurrent audio file editing (JBOD) or fast cloning of up to four drives concurrently (clone mode), when it is necessary to send each drive to a different location for security, which can be chosen by setting a switch. Onboard support eliminates the need for a specialized RAID controller card, and the company also offers a zero terabyte version for users who prefer to configure with separately sourced drives.
When used along with a high-performance serial advanced technology attachment controller, the Fusion R400S RAID can support data transfer rates of up to 240 megabytes/sec read and 220 megabytes/sec write, with its drives configured as a RAID five set. It also supports multistream ProRes 422 high definition, uncompressed 8-bit 1080i HD, digital video, high definition video and digital video-cassette professional video editing. Higher data transfer rates and additional workflow capabilities can be achieved when systems are RAIDed together on the same SATA controller, according to the company.