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SPJ, JEA Head Back to School for #Press4Education Initiative

Professional journalists are teaching students about the ins and outs of their profession

INDIANAPOLIS—Journalists and the press in general have been at the center of heated debates recently about their role in informing the people. Now, through the Society of Professional Journalists and the Journalism Education Association, journalists are looking to share their side of things with America’s students, pushing a nationwide effort to bring journalism education to schools.

SPJ and JEA have launched #Press4Education, an initiative where journalists share lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations and other resources with grades K-12 to share knowledge about reporting basics, media literacy/identifying fake news, ethics, editing, online reporting, data journalism, visual journalism, broadcast journalism and social media. In addition to boost the teachings of journalism responsibility, but to strengthen the future ranks of journalism practitioners, said JEA President Sarah Nichols.

“We are hopeful this will lead to a renewed commitment to journalism education in the country, as well as an improved understanding of our profession,” said Becky Tallent, SPJ Journalism Education Committee chair.

Journalists interested in participating in the #Press4Education program can fill out a volunteer form. Volunteers will then be matched with a teacher who has requested a journalist to visit their classroom. Educators who would like to request a journalist can fill out this form.