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Sliq Media Technologies Debuts Harmony Hub 5 for Multiplatform Web Streaming

Now software makes it easier to stream legislative events.

MONTREAL Legislative video software specialist Sliq Media Technologies has launched Version 5 of Harmony Hub, its latest content management and multiformat streaming solution. The new version includes a responsive user interface designed for the multiscreen era, and represents the industry’s only mobile-friendly, live legislative streaming experience for constituents.

The core Sliq Harmony Hub platform already delivers a flexible user experience for legislators and constituents. Legislators can seamlessly record and stream multiformat audio and video to constituents, who can access meetings and other events live or on-demand. Flexible content management tools unleash trapped, siloed data from voting and other government systems, allowing legislators to present complementary indexed content to constituents alongside the streams.

Sliq Media Technologies President Sanjiv Menezes notes that Harmony Hub 5 also replaces the need for IT departments to build separate web and mobile sites to accommodate various users.

“Consumers of any media content today prefer a single user interface that is consistent and works across all devices,” said Menezes. “Harmony Hub 5 is the first legislative streaming solution to achieve this, employing modern technology that addresses the public’s preference for ubiquity. This is a finger-friendly design that ensures users don’t have to pinch and pull tablet and smartphone surfaces to access certain content, without affecting the traditional desktop experience.”

Legislative IT departments also benefit from no longer being forced to build apps or support different operating systems and mobile software versions. Furthermore, legislators can achieve this uniform, multiplatform delivery approach without expensive infrastructure upgrades thanks to the one-to-many streaming capabilities of Sliq’s Razorback encoders.

Ultimately, the new user interface amplifies Sliq’s message of centralizing as much information as possible for both the legislator and constituent without making either jump through hoops to access certain content.

“Our customers have always found value in how Sliq unleashes trapped data for reliable presentation to the public,” said Menezes. “The new user interface represents an advancement of our core message, which is to simplify workflows and centrally deliver all information relevant to a specific meeting or event. The user-friendly nature of the Harmony Hub 5 front-end software reduces the burden on the constituent just as the core of the system reduces the burden for budget-constrained, short-staffed legislatures.”